lumion architectural rendering features

lumion architectural rendering features

lumion architecture archiphilo

To download the Lumion program in all its releases, Lumion 10, Lumion 9, lumion 8 or other versions, you must know what specifications your PC needs to be able to respond to the Lumion Architectural Show program, and what is this wonderful program, which has become one of the most popular 3D modeling programs it uses Architects and designers in recent years.

Lumion for Architects is a 3D modeling program used to produce models with a distinctive architectural display, it is characterized by adding materials to elements such as floors, walls, cloth, colors, lighting for designs and models entered into it from Revit programs to Lumin or from Sketch Up to Lumion or other architectural programs, and the biggest advantage In the Lumion Architects Program, it has great realism in its models of trees, cars, people and others, and it also provides the possibility to move these models like people through the videotaped video to capture more realistic videos. As for the building and agglomeration, the Lumion program gives a realistic and real character to the project than others From programs like Revit and SketchUp. Lumion is an easy-to-use architectural presentation program. Anyone who is novice can use it to extract photos or videos in a simple and fast way, as it is characterized by an easy-to-use and uncomplicated program interface.

The Lumion program requires a computer with special specifications to do the work excellently, to find out if the Lumion program is running on your own device, you need to test the computer speed and this matter will be provided by the Lumion program when you download the FREE trial version, or you can see the minimum specifications for the computer that the Lumion program can Work on it without problems, but with poor quality:

Minimum requirements for the Lumion program :

Graphics card memory 3 GB * or more
Windows 10 64-bit **
CPU Single thread score for Intel / AMD CPUMark 2000 processor or higher
Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ***
System memory (RAM) 16 GB or more
Hard disk SATA3 SSD hard disk
Hard disk space At least 30 GB of free disk space in drives where the Documents folder and Windows user account are located.

If you don't have one of these features in your personal computer, the Lumion program will face some problems in working on it, and it will not be able to perform the function of the architectural demonstration of your project as required and the program will be very slow, but if you want to compare your computer with the best specifications that the Lumion architectural program needs to show, it is As follows:

The recommended limit of requirements for the Lumion program :

The G3DMark graphics card scores 10,000 or higher
Graphics card memory 6 GB or more
Windows 10 64-bit **
CPU (Processor) Intel / AMD CPUMark 2000 Single Thread Score
or higher
Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ***
System memory (RAM) 16 GB or more
Hard Disk NVME m.2
Hard disk space 30 GB
Less free disk space on drives in Windows User Account and Documents folder.

These are not the best recommended specifications, but they are good, and these specifications for the Lumion architectural program to show are linked to the release of the program. Lumion has many versions, including Lumion 6, Lumion 7, Lumion 8, Lumion 9. As for the recent versions, it is Lumion 10 and has several parts and versions, etc. The Lumion program continues to talk and develop to add new features that benefit the Lumion student and the architecture student, and among these features that Lumion 10 obtained provides great results in a very short time, and the user, whether a student of Lumion or another user, can publish his videos directly on daily motion or on Youtube, more attractive interface, the ability to add SKP Sketchup files, and many other advantages.

The Lumion program allows the architectural student to download a free copy of the program after confirming his identity as a student. To learn more, you can visit the Lumion program website or click on the Lumion 10 program for free.

If you want a free download link for Lumon 10, Lumion 9, Lumion 8 or other versions, ask it in the comments and we will contact you. We hope that you like this article, which explains the advantages of the Lumion Architectural Program for the show and shows the specifications required for the computer to be able to respond to the commands of the Lumion program with ease.

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