Top fifteen website to Download Revit Families for free

Top fifteen website to Download Revit Families for free


What is a family? Families are components that are used to build your project and make its parts more visible, such as walls, windows, stairs, doors, etc. Each family can have multiple types, such as different sizes, materials, and parameter variants. There is a list of pre-defined families that ship with Revit. This definition is from Autodesk. "A family is a group of elements with a common set of properties, called parameters, and a graphical representation with correlation." If you want your architectural project to appear distinctively and beautifully, you need a wide range of the Revit family in order to be able to fill your project with the appropriate architectural and aesthetic elements, and although it is possible to bring a group of the Revit family, remember that your group is varied and large.

Download Revit Families for FREE from best 15 website:

Revit city is one of the best and most famous websites for downloads free and paid rural Revit families, and it enjoys ease of use, simplicity and access to your request quickly and easily.

6- Modlar
Log in to the modilar website and you will find everything you need from the Revit family for free and you will be able to downloads Revit Families with ease, as it is a website specialized in 3D elements and files.

10- Arcat
Arcat is a one-stop shop for CAD and BIM resources, a good website and you can get a free revit family for a limited amount.

This site offers a small selection of the free Revit family, and features a large selection of the Revit families at fairly reasonable prices.

This site contains a large collection of the Revit 3D family and Revit 2d familes , but it is not strongly recommended.

They claim to have "the UK's largest library of BIM content", an easy-to-navigate and search site to find what you're looking for, and a great source of manufacturer-specific content from a wide range of product categories.

Bim National Library offers a free kit for downloading public BIM components. NBS is known for its premium specs but has shown a strong interest in BIM models recently.

Distinctive, diverse, and extensive library of multidisciplinary components mostly not publicized by Autodesk. Users can find product specifications for more than 66,000 commercial and residential building products of various types, and we recommend them.

The ( ARCHIPHILO team seeks to help architecture students and the Revit community by adding the most important websites that an architecture student can download from the Revit family to form their own group and library for free and easily, and these websites contain Revit families suitable for a different number of Revit publications such as Revit 2020 Revit 2019, Revit 2018 and other versions of Revit that are suitable for such families and libraries. We want to keep these sites so you can always come back to them and we also want to spread this article among your friends on social media so that everyone can easily access it.

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