best 10 websites for sketchup 3d models free

Best 10 websites for sketchup 3d models free 


Sketch Up is one of the best programs used by architects and other engineers, such as interior design or interior designers, it is a 3D modeling program used to raise buildings inside and outside and used by game designers. It has an easy-to-use interface and a control panel easier than other programs such as Maya 3D and Revit and 3 DS Max, and its biggest advantage is that it is free and not paid like all other engineering programs such as Autodesk products. User project requires pre-made elements to produce the best realistic and beautiful project, 3D model Sketch Up are the required elements.

To make your project look realistic after the process of showing it in Sketch Up, we recommend that you go to the websites that we will present to you that specialize in 3D Sketch Up models, and keep them in your own device and share them with your colleagues of engineers from all fields, and you can also register on these sites to destroy all new From the 3D Sketch Up models, there are some that can be registered free of charge and there are some paid for their additional features. These sites are among the best websites that provide the user with a library of free 3D Sketch Up collections such as (doors, windows, trees, and cars).

Check out the advantages of Sketch Up first:

- It does not need high specifications such as a high screen card or high RAM.
- Its flexibility and ease of use of its interface within a short period of time.
- Converting shapes from 2D to 3D, good speed.
- Taking out the architectural project with the materials, projections and sizes well.
- It provides a lot of 3D models.
- You can start working on it after only one week of training on it.
- The program space compared to other programs such as 3DS Max and Maya 3D is not mentioned.

Here are the best websites that contain libraries of 3D models for Sketch Up:

3- hum3d

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