Architect Frank Gehry

Architect Frank Gehry

Architect Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is one of the most important contemporary architects of this era. The architect was born in Canada in 1929. He is famous for his unique architectural style, which is considered organic and closer to sculpture than to architecture. Frank Gehry was a creative person from an early age. The architect Frank obtained his BA from the College of Architecture at the University of Los Angeles after moving to it at the age of seventeen.

Jerry was known for his unconventional architectural style in choosing building materials, construction methods, and even in choosing a construction style. The architect Frank Gehry is one of the pioneers of the deconstructive architecture movement, and his design principle is based on the design of the space from the inside to the outside, so the design starts from the ground of the project and then makes cubes that represent the required spaces, and then begins to imagine the shape of the building how it will be, and then transform it into drawings And to the models, and the architect Frank Gehry is also famous for including many spatial formations within one building, and this shows the building as pieces of art made by an artist in cooperation with the architect. His buildings were not just a play of shapes, but rather delicate and compact designs that took a lot of time to become clear. Despite all the design methods followed by the architect Frank Gehry, his designs are characterized by simplicity and unbalanced lines at the same time, and this is what distinguished him from other architects. The real door of fame that brought him to a new level of international fame was the project of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain. The museum had an economic impact on the city and was praised by The New Yorker magazine and said "a masterpiece of the twentieth century."

The most important works of architect Frank Gehry:


Walt Disney Concert Hall: This architectural masterpiece is one of the most important designs of the architect Frank Gehry, as it is considered the home of advanced music in terms of sound processing the best in the world, and it accommodates a large number of party fans. This architectural marvel is located in Los Angeles, which lasted for nearly sixteen years and is distinguished by its bright stainless steel color.


Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: This design is located in Bilbao, Spain, and was built on the banks of the River Nervión that passes through the city of Bilbao. The architect Frank Gehry designed a contemporary art museum, which was chosen in 2007 among Spain's Twelve Treasures. The museum is distinguished by its controversial random curves that reflect light, and these curves are a style that distinguishes Jerry's work from other architects.

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