Learn 3D Max Professionally from top 10 YouTube Channels

Learn 3D Max Professionally from top 10 YouTube Channels 


3d max is a program for modeling (design), moving, and extracting three-dimensional objects with high accuracy, and it is the most important 3D engineering design program, produced by Autodesk and it is the most famous in the production of engineering programs and the best-selling. 3d max is creating an environment to work on a large area and a somewhat complex program interface to create images as imagined by the architect or interior designer and transfer them to a triple perspective such as building buildings or any image that appears in the designer's imagination, and is used in building designs, furniture, home furniture, and display, for games For films, television and others, as we mentioned, one of the strongest programs in these areas.

The relationship of architects and interior design and their relationship is very strong, as the program is used by architects in designing buildings and structures with high accuracy because of its tremendous ability to give the maximum degree of realism to design as well as interior design. 3d max is one of the most important interior design programs where the designer can design interior scenes for decoration or a piece of furniture in order to highlight his designs in a very real way in order to be able to display it to the client.

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn 3D Max Professionally: -

These ten channels on YouTube are the best in what we have seen. We are a team ( ARCHIPHILO ) in the field of 3d max and its teaching method, which are channels for wonderful people who simplify the tools of the 3d Max program and the way to work on it for those who want to learn this program in a simple and easy way, and most of these channels focus on teaching it on Interior design students are more than architects, but they are all good and we recommend that you keep these channels and spread them among your colleagues so that everyone can benefit from them and learn the 3d max program with ease.

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