Learn the secrets and tips of the Lumion and Sketchup program for free

Learn the secrets and tips of the Lumion and Sketchup program in 10 videos for free

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The Lumion program and the Sketch Up program added many advantages in the world of architectural display and interior design of the project, and the issuance of these programs led to a great revolution between engineering programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, Maya 3D, and other programs owned by Autodesk and other companies.

An architect or an architectural student always needs to add elements to his project to show the project in the best possible way, so he must master the architectural rendering process on engineering programs such as Lumion and Sketch Up to be able to transfer files from Sketch Up to Lumion and display his project on the Lumion program appropriately. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and master these programs, but it takes effort, time, and money to go to centers to learn architectural demonstration, now this is no longer a challenge for an architecture student, as you can learn the secrets and tips of the Lumion and Sketch Up program online without any financial cost, meaning that it is completely free of charge. Through a number of YouTube channels that provide you with this kind of simple and easy-to-learn videos in order to be able to implement the architectural demonstration process on your own project using the Lumion and Sketch Up programs, all you have to do is enter these channels, unfortunately, and benefit from the explanation that they provide those channels on YouTube.

Learn the secrets of SketchUp and Lumion with 10 free YouTube channels:

1- lumion

Learning the architectural presentation properly makes you distinct from the rest of your colleagues in the field of architecture and interior design, and this gives you a greater chance of success and getting a suitable job if you have recently graduated. As for the architectural student, the architectural manifestation makes his project distinct from the rest of the colleagues, which allows him Good marks during the academic semester, and he has these projects to put in his personal file later.The (ARCHIPHILO) team hopes that you like the article and don't forget to share the article with your colleagues so that everyone can benefit from it.

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