Learn to draw perspective best from 10 YouTube channels

Learn to draw perspective best from 10 YouTube channels

Learn to draw perspective best from 10 YouTube channels

Here are the top tips to learn how to draw perspective better from the 10 YouTube channels in this article. But at the beginning we will learn about the perspective, who is its creator, and its importance to the architect.

Perspective is an engineering term used by architects and designers to depict buildings and designs on a flat surface so that the dimensions gradually diminish according to the chosen point, and it is the most important method of geometric display. Points located on the horizon line, which is the horizontal line that is located at the level of the vision or the eye of the beholder as it decreases and rises according to the height of the eye of the beholder from the surface of the earth. Flat-surface paper.

Filippo Brunelleschi, an Italian architect, engineer and painter from the Renaissance, created perspective drawing. Brunelleschi systematically studied how shapes, buildings, and natural perspectives change when looking at them and why lines change from one distance to another. He concluded by describing an accurate system of linear perspective, and this revolutionized the field of painting and architecture. For Renaissance art. Studies on perspective and how to draw it have been completed by Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others, and he considered the innovation of perspective as one of the most important treatises of painting in the Renaissance.

Perspective drawing is characterized by its straight, parallel lines ending to one of the vanishing points and it gives a drawing similar to what a person sees on the ground. The rules for drawing perspective are summarized by four rules, which are that all diagonal lines meet at vanishing points on the horizon line and that all parallel lines meet at a specific point on the horizon line, and vertical lines converge as they move away from the viewer's eye, and finally, the upper surfaces get smaller as they are tested from the horizon line The side surfaces get bigger as they move away from the vanishing point.

Learn to draw geometric perspective from 10 YouTube channels:

These channels are one of the best channels for teaching engineering perspective drawing, which the architect and the interior designer must master well in order to be able to transfer what he imagines in his mind of designs for homes or buildings or things on the drawing paper so that he can display it to his colleagues or to his client or even to himself so that he can modify it in a way Finer. The skill of drawing perspective makes the architect distinct from others because few people master this skill and master it. Learn how to draw an architectural perspective from the top 10 YouTube channels for drawing perspective:

1- How to Draw in 2-Point Perspective: Buildings: San Francisco

2- architecture sketching house 8


4- PERSPECTIVE DRAWING 01 - THE BASICS - Horizon Line, Vanishing Points 1,2 & 3

5- How to Draw in Perspective for Beginners

6- Architectural Sketching - 01

7- ARCHITECTURAL │How To Draw a Simple Modern House in 2 Point Perspective #15

8- TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE (unique method)


10- Modern House in 2 Point Perspective Drawing Tutorial 

We hope that the subject of learning to draw perspective is important for architects and designers and you like it, and do not forget to share the article with your colleagues so that everyone can benefit, read this also you will like: Download free Sketchup Texture from top 10 website

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