The importance of concept in the architectural project

 The importance of concept in the architectural project

The importance of concept in the architectural project

Some architecture students think that the design idea is not important and that it comes after the end of the architectural design to complete it, but this concept is wrong because the design idea is the one that creates the design, it is the first step for the beginning in designing the project and it is the reference point on which to base the design of the project. We will answer the question that comes to your mind first, which is what is the design idea?

The design idea contains an infinite number of meanings, so every architect interprets it in his own way and talks about it with what he feels, but we will get acquainted with the most prominent of these meanings, which is that the design idea is the basic seed of the project, which makes the ordinary building a distinct building with a special elegance, or it is the story of the building Through which the audience can know the story of the building, or it can be defined as the initial idea of ​​the designer through which he begins designing his project and develops it based on it, and the design idea can be defined as the core of the general plan through which solutions to architectural problems and functional needs can be found, and there are many different definitions. But all of them agree that the design idea is the initial idea of ​​the project and the road that leads the project to its goal.

The design idea is formed through the process of brainstorming after knowing the nature of the project that is intended to be designed and after analyzing and knowing all its details. The design idea may emerge from the shape of a plant on the project land, or from the environment and culture of the community around the project. Also, the design idea is affected by many factors, including the location, culture, goal, and others.

After we know what the design idea is and how it is formed, let us know the importance of the design idea:


The importance of the design idea is that it makes the project distinct from others. Through the design idea, the architect can tell the story of the building through its external shape and by using building materials and distributing the appropriate spaces for the construction function and through the arrangement of events the architect tells a story that makes his building an architectural masterpiece. To make sure of that, look at museums. An architect who has a design idea, you will see that she tells her story from just seeing it from the outside, and then the more you enter into it, you will get to know minute details of the story and so on. The design idea does not end once it is chosen, it continues with the design until its completion, and this design idea may develop or be modified, but without prejudice to the original essence of the design idea, for example, look at the Sydney Opera House, you will not need to be an architect to know if it is taken The design idea of ​​him from the sails of boats and ships, the building tells its story by itself.

In the end, you remember the distinguished architect cares about the design idea and preserves it from the beginning of the design through its stages until its completion in order to make his building distinct and interesting. We hope you liked the article, do not forget to share it with your friends, for everyone to benefit from it.

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