Top 5 tips for an architect to be successful

 Top 5 tips for an architect to be successful


Before talking about a successful architect and the most important things that must be taken care of in order to be successful, it is necessary to know that a successful person is the one who knows the greatest amount of details related to the specialty, field, or work in which he works with his love for his work and his desire to develop and be distinguished from his colleagues. Love of work is the best source that motivates us. To withstand the pressures of work and perseverance to reach the required success.

Everyone wants to reach a distinguished level and brilliant success, the architect wants to be the best designer in his field, and the structural engineer seeks to be distinguished in the construction solutions for buildings, and so on, but Little works to develop his skills to reach what he wants from success and excellence. Let us know the 5 most important tips that will make the architect the best among his colleagues.

The 5 most important tips every architecture student needs to succeed

1- The desire to study architecture and work with it out of love and not out of hate, for love is the source of the moral impulse that motivates you to persevere in the study of any field and even the field of architecture, so the student of architecture must be a love for his specialization because architecture needs to make a great effort and time A lot because the study of this field is based on practicing architectural design continuously throughout the years of study, and this matter is very stressful and not everyone can bear it, but if the student chose this major out of love, he will see his success in front of him and he will not be interested in making a great effort to succeed and reach what he wants. When the student reaches the stage of merging with architecture, he will see that he is like a mother raising her son and see him grow up in front of her little by little and exhaust her sometimes and sometimes happy until this child grows up and is proud of him and that she is the one who raised him until he grew up, this is how the architecture student will feel after starting to design the project and dive into All its details and bear the fatigue of constant adjustments to the design.

2- Be a friend for books and the history of architecture as a lover. Reading architectural books and the history of architecture is one of the most important advice to become a successful architect, as it opens a door for you to the past to know everything that architects have gone through before you and how architectural techniques have evolved from ancient civilizations whose buildings are still standing to Today, you will be able to study history of architecture on knowledge of architectural styles and styles, how the architectural schools spread, and what are the most important buildings that will benefit you in architecture. Reaching to be a successful architect requires you to read everything new in the field of architecture and follow up on what he found. Your fellow creative people. If you want to be a successful architect, start reading architectural books from today, for example, read Vitruvius’s book, it is the first true architectural book that talks about the science of architecture and ancient civilizations.

3- Philosophy and broad imagination, in order to be a successful and distinguished architect, you must develop your way of thinking. Think outside the box and do not hesitate to design what is unfamiliar to the public because human nature always refuses to accept new things. Look at the architect Zaha Hadid, how she became famous in the style of architecture Deconstruction in an unusual way, and here are its buildings proving that its designs were perfect and were able to transfer them from imagination to reality and implement them after some architects mocked their designs, which I claim are fictional and not suitable for reality. You have to study architectural philosophy in developing your mind to think about the meanings of geometric shapes and the ability to manipulate them to match the design idea of ​​your project, which adds meaning and experience to your project.

4- You have to be patient, the major of architecture requires a lot of patience and endurance of effort and fatigue, because architecture, as we mentioned, is a cumbersome discipline and requires a lot of study, design, and modification of the design in a very disturbing way to people who cannot control themselves. Remember that patience is one of the important things that will make you a successful architect.

5- Save architecture by publishing it. Whenever you help your classmates and share your information with them, that will be important in reconciling your information in your brain, and this also allows you to have your friends exchange architectural information with you. Remember that selfishness in science is a bad thing, so do not forget to share this article with others for the benefit of everyone.

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