Uses of Groin vault in modern architecture

 Uses of Groin vault in modern architecture


Medieval architecture is an innovative architectural product that appeared as a result of wars and religious conflicts in the period between 500 - 1500 AD and was called the Dark Ages in the West (500 - 1000 AD). The early times of the Middle Ages witnessed the birth of the Art of Romantic and Gothic architecture and other architectural styles, which were influenced by Christianity and the churches, and this influence appeared in the political and cultural matters in the country and the Church actually became the main force in managing the lives of people in the Middle Ages. Medieval architecture was divided into two main categories, namely, religious architecture, represented by churches, cathedrals, and military architecture, and was represented by castles. One of the most common church designs was the Latin cross.

Medieval architectural styles have affected garden architecture and contemporary styles in terms of several matters such as: - dominance, agglomeration, materials used, the relationship of spaces, shape, and other things, and this is what will be clarified during this research.

Groin vault: It is an arched structure made of brick or stone that aims to support the roof in the facility, and as this type of vault is sometimes known as the cross vault because it is a cross arch similar to a squat cross, and it distributes loads through the arches to the foundations to empty them into the soil This type of cellar helped reduce the thickness of the massive walls used in the Middle Ages. When you look at the ceiling of the vault you see four curved surfaces meet in one center, and this adds strength to the roof because all the four corners of the dome helps to distribute the loads, weights, and support the foot.

This pattern of vaults used in medieval architecture reflected the uses of garden architecture in such a system of vaults, but it was used for other reasons other than those used in the Middle Ages in some uses and similar in terms of the structural goal.

Uses of (Groin vault) in modern architecture: -

1- Create an internal focus: -

When using the vault of this style to cover a single room, this type of cellar creates a strong visual center, where the ribs emerge from the walls and then intersect at the top where they have an effect on creating a very central internal space, and forcing the viewer to follow its emergence by watching the extension of these ribs until It reaches the point where the ribs meet, and it allows the use of large areas of glass to allow visual contact from the inside out.

2- Creating a light rhythm: -

When this type of vaulting pattern is used in the middle architecture on a linear space, the intersecting arcs create a joyful rhythmic pattern of light when repeated within the linear space, and this type of dome affects the psyche of the user of space as it tends to follow this light rhythm and harmoniously with the straightness of the linear space to the end The path, and each of these cellars creates a large area of ​​glass that allows plenty of natural light into the interior space.

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3- Space provision: - 

This type of cellar, if used in a room’s space, can provide spaces on each side of the four sides of the wall by creating a cavity along the wall between the pillars, thus utilizing a previously dead space and using it to make wall cabinets or place furniture in it.  

4- Add aesthetic: -

This style of cellars can be used to give an aesthetic spirit to the space located below it and to add to space as a kind of contemporary architectural additions or accessories within the furniture of the space.

5- Drawings and decorations: -

This type of cellars is called diamond vaults, and it takes the Groin vault system, but in the form of abstract diamond-cut decoration, a style used in modern architecture that was developed from the styles of medieval vaults and added a distinctive luster that reads like a modern style and this style adds an aesthetic and elegance unfortunately also allows a user Emptiness is a vision of shadow and light that are exchanged from one point to another.

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