Top 10 Architectural Sites to Find Ready Projects

Top 10 Architectural Sites to Find Ready Projects

Top 10 Architectural Sites to Find Ready Projects

Top 10 Architectural Sites to Find Ready Projects

Every architect should visit the Top 10 Architectural Sites to search for ready projects and case studies. Here are the top 10 architectural sites available in search engines that can be used on an ongoing basis and monitored periodically, as they publish architectural projects and case studies continuously and from all over the world and in an unlimited number.

If you are an architecture student or an architect, this topic is very important to you, as designers need to search for case studies before starting to design their projects, and for this for a number of reasons, including benefiting from the previous experiences of designers who designed these successful and established projects, seeing the challenges that passed It includes previous architectural projects and knowledge of the types of these challenges and how to solve them. Also, the architectural engineering student needs to search for study cases and designed and ready-made projects for the same reasons that the architect needs them and more as well, as he is in the learning stage, so he needs at this stage to collect information to increase his information in the field and his experience as well. So let's get to know the most important of these sites in the field of ready-made projects and study cases.

Top 10 Architectural Sites To Get Ready Projects

1- archdaily: the most famous site for publishing ready-made and designed projects by the most senior architects in the world. It has several different sections such as competitions and architectural articles, and it is the best site ever. It goes without definition and all students use it to search for case study projects.

2- archello: a unique and amazing site for publishing ready-made projects and case studies in the field of architecture and interior design, in addition to being flexible and easy to deal with.

3- Designboom: The third architectural site on this list which is a huge architectural magazine for case studies and turnkey projects. The Arch Daily is similar in content but with a different and more interesting design.

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4- architectureweek: a specialized architecture journal that includes a huge collection of interesting project designs and important case studies for architecture students.

5- arcat: This website includes a huge number of architectural and construction details that are continuously updated and developed by the constructors and it allows the user to download these details in DWG format.

6- arch2o: one of my favorite sites, it is characterized by simplicity and ease of searching for projects inside it. It displays a large number of ready-made projects on an ongoing basis and one of the reasons that makes me prefer it is to publish it for projects that graduate to architecture students all over the world.

7- Archiphilo: A special site that offers architectural news about the history of architecture and architectural styles, in addition to various topics in architectural programs that help students, and many interesting topics.

8- architizer: is a news site for architecture and modern building construction techniques that appear continuously in the field of architecture. It also includes a number of student projects.

9- studentcompetitions: specializes in international architectural competitions for students. This helps you gain experience from existing projects.

10- freecadapps: a distinctive and huge architectural library that contains within it a large number of blocks and AutoCAD rolls ready for students to use in their projects

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